A Meeting Place of Cultures for 7000 Years

Also known as the gem of the Mediterranean, Malta’s glittering archipelago is internationally renowned for its colourful history, culture and traditions. Over the years, these sun-kissed islands have been conquered by a number of important civilisations, which of course, left their indelible mark on the very fabric of our country.

7,000 years of history and hospitality help Malta stand out as a truly unique destination that could inspire the backdrop for your next event or conference. With dramatic architectural landscapes including prehistoric temples, exceptional palazzos, impressive medieval fortifications, and ancient Baroque cities, your options are truly endless with regards to organising conferences and events in Malta.


Hours of Sunshine

Average Summer Temperature

Malta and MICE

Malta stands at the forefront of MICE destination travel within the Mediterranean, offering excellent conference and accommodation facilities. Enjoying over 300 days of sunshine per year means that your arrangements have suddenly become more flexible, whereas off-peak travel rates, diverse landscapes, tax incentives and glittering azure waters ensure that you get the whole package – and perhaps, for less than you’d have expected. Additionally, Malta has been voted as one of the top five safest destinations in the World – that must mean something right?

The Food

Maltese cooking offers a wide range of textures and flavours that reflect the Islands’ southern location and cultural influences. Traditionally, Maltese cuisine includes an interesting fusion of Mediterranean, Sicilian, and North African flavours – with a local touch. Fresh fish features prominently, as does slow cooked rabbit, and stewed snails for the brave of heart.


Being located in the centre of the Med has its advantages, including a mild climate throughout the year with an average temperature of 14°C in winter and 32°C during the summer months, making it an attractive destination – all year round. The heat really kicks in around mid-July all the way till the end of September.