The month of February in Malta brings along nothing but colour, entertainment and delicious traditional food. Literally derived from the Italian phrase “carne vale”, translating to “meat is allowed”, for Christian countries like Malta, Carnival is the last opportunity for locals to eat meat before the fasting over lent. However, like many other celebrations the true meaning has been slightly overshadowed by all the preparations and colourful activities that take place. During this 4 day period, Valletta (Malta’s Capital City) bursts at the bastions with phosphorescent carnival floats painted in screaming colours, followed by a parade of dancers in the most electric costumes. The streets are booming with music, bright colours and the most enjoyable atmosphere.  This is a blend of tradition, culture and energy.

On Malta’s sister island … Gozo, a totally different scenario is construed in the otherwise very quiet village –  Nadur. Because of its originality this NADUR Carnival is gaining popularity with both locals and foreigners alike. . This year’s carnival is being held from the 24th of February until the 28th of February. What makes this particular Carnival stand out from the rest??? Well, Almost Anything can be found here. This Carnival is definitely not for the faint hearted as subsequently no rules apply.. Costumes vary from funny to grotesque and the things you may see, from headless chickens to flying fish may not be everyone’s cup of tea. There are no organised performances and cheerful music in this area, as there usually is. Instead, there are a variety of typical old bars where one can stop and participate in the fanfare…..people walk around aimlessly through the crowded streets, wearing the most outrageous costumes and masks… usually befriending anyone around.

The government have on the contrary taken the opportunity to organise a separate carnival in the main city square of Gozo for people who would like to experience both or either or of the Carnival events.

Whether in Gozo or Malta, this is a great event to experience. We at 3sixtymeetings are here to help you organise an event for your clients while maximising on this colourful activity, which will be a memorable one without any doubt. Whether participating in the actual Carnival or participating in the team-building experience of building your own float…this is definitely a time to make the most of.

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